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Taxco’s product consists of handcrafted wearable art utilizing the finest materials available including sterling silver, 18kt gold, platinum and a variety of precious and semi-precious gemstones.  Taxco draws upon a base of over four hundred designers and artisans to offer the finest selection of quality handcrafted jewelry and accessories found anywhere in the world.

We specialize in many “one of a kind” pieces unavailable anywhere else in the marketplace.  Taxco’s products and materials come from the United States, Mexico, Thailand, Indonesia, Italy, Germany, Poland, India, Brazil and Switzerland.

Unlike our competitors, Taxco also carries a full line of men’s jewelry and accessories, and appeals to both the business and leisure traveler.

In addition to jewelry, Taxco also offers a full line of unique handcrafted silver and stone accessories for the home. These products are produced by the world renowned Los Castillo Family including Emilia Castillo, Lily Castillo, and Wolmar Castillo as well as several artisan workshops from around the world. Internationally recognized for their quality, design and attention to detail many of these pieces can only be found at Taxco Sterling Co., select Neiman Marcus stores, and a handful of specialty retailers.

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